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Day 2 - post op



This my very first blog ever... so it may not be the most perfect, but i feel it important for myself to remember my highs and lows during this experience and aswell share it with anyone who wants to read it :)

My name is Rhonda and i live in Sydney Australia and im 35, i have a great supportive husband and 3 beautiful children aged 11, 8 and 6. They are truely my inspiration to a long healthy life. I have been over weight since my first daughter was born almost 12 years ago...and with each other pregnancy i kept putting

on weight. I have tried almost every fad diet that ever hit the shelf... ending up losing weight but never able to maintain it. In Dec 05 i was admitted into hospital and had to have my Gall Bladder removed that is when i met my Dr who after my op asked me if i had ever considered weight loss surgery.

Since then, almost 3 years ago i have now finnally decided to go ahead with LAP BAND SURGERY!

I was banded on the 22nd of July 2008 in a private Sydney hospital at around 8.00am... and i was taken back to my room at approx 10.30am. Most of that day is a blur because i was still having the effects of the anesthesia. I have 4 small incisions plus one a little larger for where im told the port has been placed.. they are all a little sensitive, but not that painful. I have very slight bruising on the port incision only.

Day 1 - today i was sent home... stocked with peppermint water, heat packs and a heavy towel which i held across my stomach for support. It worked for me!!

Day 2 - of living with a lap band (im now officially a bandit).. :girl_wacko: and i have to say i'm not feeling that great right now..although i am going to try and stay super positive. Since having the lap band i have had this feeling of fullness and excess saliva in my mouth- if i could describe it i would say it was very simular feeling of morning sickness. :lb12: Not something that i expected.. im not sure if i would prefer to be feeling hungry or like this. I guess in the days to come i will tell you!! lol

I am moving a little slower and trying to rest as much as possible but have to say im feeling a little down about the whole thing. I really hope tomorrow is a better day... i think my husband is thinking that too... ive been a bit teary and emotional and im sure a little too demanding even though he says its okay..


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