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Hair Molting



Hair Molting

For the past few months, I have REALLY noticed an increase in hair molting. It is has been bothersome to the point of me using google. From all I have read, it seems that it is not uncommon to molt after surgery, sever trauma, child birth, after reaching the age of 30, crash diets, lack of protein, and a few others that I can’t think of right now. The information I found to be the most fitting and helpful was under Telogen. So, if you have noticing you are loosing hair. Google Telogen and read about it.

I for all intents and purposes I don’t look like I have lost a noticeable amount of hair. To the people around me, including my husband, it is unnoticeable. That is a positive. When I began to really pay attention to my hair loss was when I noticed more molting while I was washing my hair. The noticeable build up in my hair brush, and how many times I have to wrap a pony tail holder around my hair. I use to be able to wrap it twice around my hair and be go-to-go. Now if I wrap it twice, the pony slips out.

I have been taking Neocell for a while; I’d say a good 2 months. The recommended dose for Neocell is 6 a day. I take 3. I’ve noticed a change in my skin, hair, and nails. My ankle has also benefited from taking Neocell. It aches a bit less, still pretty swollen, but the pain has decreased.


This is the first month since being banded that I did not go for a fill. It took a lot longer than I thought it would for me to feel restriction. Each fill I had I would feel restriction for the first week maybe going into week two and then, my body would adjust and the restriction would slip away. This fill has settled in as well. I am not at my “sweet spot or green zone” per say, but I do have some restriction, so I am content. Right now, my mind set is to see if I can go a few months with out a fill. Really I’d like to make it through the holidays as I am now. What will help me determine when I go in for a fill is a slow down on weight loss. Right now, I am in the lower 240’s and I’d like to see a gradual decrease.

Cloths and Inches

I am noticing my cloths are fitting better, baggier, or some are plain to big now. I have cleaned out some cloths from my closet and that feels great! I have a girl friend who is a very happy recipient so that make me feel even better!

When I start to feel bad or down on myself about my weight loss the fastest way to get myself to snap out of it and back into gratitude is to remember how difficult weight loss was on my own. That always seems to bring me back to reality and lighten my mood.

I appreciate your readership and thank you for your comments. You guys are awesome!


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