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Walker Tracker Challenge!



Walker Tracker Challenge.

I joined a walker tracker challenge. For the most part, I needed to get some accountability for myself; To push myself to do something. I’d joined a gym, and it seemed to cause my husband some stress and unhappiness. I was very surprised by his reaction, and I realize it is not the healthiest of reactions to have to your spouse wanting to do something positive. That being said, *clears throat* I am not the picture of healthy living myself. I have PLENTY of “issues” and he gets no judgment from me. I stopped going swimming. It was hard to go anyway. Although it felt good, it took me away from my family and provided me with some much needed “me time.” It also left me feeling guilty. I am just not use to doing healthy things for myself plain and simple.

That being said, it left a void. So, I bought a pedometer and joined some fellow bandsters in a Walker Tracker program. (Walkertracker.com) When I signed up the computer set a goal for me. I’m set to get 6000 steps in a day. Yesterday I walked 4816. It is a challenge to do, as I set behind a computer for my job.

When Daniel and I got home yesterday, we went for a stroller ride. He was not in his normal mood of loving it, so we cut the walk short. (Which took no skin off my nose, as I was breaking a good sweat and feeling the lack of endurance kicking my rear.) Progress not perfection….right?!

Today, I have made a point of getting up to walk around more. When I go to the printer, I take the long way and do some stairs for the health of it! Proudly I can say I will get my steps in today! Woo! So here is to getting off my rear and getting it in gear. I needed this, as I have not been feeling the bug to exercise.

The pedometer I purchased is an Omron HJ-15. It saves the last 7 days steps and resets itself at midnight each night. I didn’t have to program it and the battery is replaceable in this model.


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