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Next! I am wearing a pair of my “next size down jeans.” I am happy to say, that they fit well, and my hubby even said….”they look a little too big!” Oh how I love him!


I had tried these jeans on last month and…..they fit, but were not flattering. So, I continued wearing my size 22’s. I am not one to wear something simply because I can pull it up over my hips. Nope, I am more about breathing and comfort. Let’s face it, when you are larger, to tight simply means less comfort and more panty lines. I am happy to announce that these jeans fit! Now, if only my regular jeans in this size would fit! These have stretch! The others are regular Levi jeans. The fit, but are to snug for my taste. I’ll give them a few more weeks or a month.

It’s amazing to me, that I wore these jeans till I was 8 months pregnant. Having a baby sure has changed this woman’s body! Ugh! I have a huge belly and I didn’t do a thing to help my body snap back after I gave birth.


Let’s see, what is new that I can share. I have been down with a sinus infection. This has been a bit of a learning curve for me as far as the band is considered. Having an over abundance of mucus has taught me a few things. The mucus can gunk up your band and cause a more severe PB episode.

Let me talk about this for a moment. Up till now, my personal PB’s have been best described as, I lean over, bending at the hips, open my mouth and let a glob of slime and food particles slide out. Yes, if you are a visual person and are picturing this – it is as nasty as it sounds. When I had my more severe PB, it felt like I was throwing up or vomiting. My stomach rolled 3 times, and with each roll a bit of food and spit returned. A more seasoned bandster taught me that unless you vomit, or have stomach acid come up, it is still a PB. WOW!

Some practical practices I can implement to help myself in a time of great mucus or post sinus drip. The obvious, take medication to help the mucus. Drink warm or hot fluids before a meal to break down the slime built up on my band. Eat even slower and listen more closely to my body for signs of stress. If mucus is filling up my stoma, stick to liquids or softer foods. No sense in causing more harm then good.

I am on an antibiotic and the sinus pressure has decreased. I am still full of it, and feel icky, but hope that the next few days will improve.

That is it for me, my update and over share for today. Hee hee. I hope you are all well and thank you for your comments and private messages.

Have a successful day and I hope to be seeing less of you in the future!


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