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Let's talk about food with a crunch.



I brough several bags of Kay's Naturals foods They had a sale and a good sample package so I bought some goodies. When I focus on protein, I am finding more and more that I want something with a crunch. Now, I didn't realize I was a "cruchy" type of food eater. Before now, I have not been big into chips or foods that offered that crunch. Most of the proteins' I eat now are soft, chewy or meaty. That completely leaves out the crunch. So on the search I went.

This morning I had a bag of Honey Almond Protein cereal. When I opened the bag and poured some out, my first reaction was that the pieces looked airy. Taste was good for a protein cereal. Over all good taste for the nutrition facts.



Provides me with crunch, protein, low calories, so it's a winner in my book.

Here is the link to Kay's website. http://www.kaysnaturals.com/

Have a crunchy good day!


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