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I am so blessed!



Hey all! Black Friday we all loaded up in the car and went shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I asked Santa for a laptop and Santa.....aka my loving husband bought me one! I got a lovely Toshiba laptop with a huge screen and 10 key on the keyboard. Very cool. Has a web camera right in the monitor too! Yes! I am so happy. You can bet I will be making some more You Tube videos! Yes! It was affordable too!

It won't be my laptop alone, I will share it with everyone in my family. Jim has loaded a bunch of software on it and Daniel has already watched Nick Jr on it. Lil D was having a bit of a time with the laptop until he figured out it has things on it for him too. He was a jealous toddler. Anytime he was off playing, I would grab it and surf, play and enjoy the new gift. As soon as he realized I had it on, he made a bee line to me to stop that nonsense! LOL

Having a laptop will make it so much easier for me to connect with the projects I want to do and get other things done as well. I am so blessed to be in love and have a husband who is so loving and supportive!

I have made a decison. I am going to go to once a week weigh in's. I have been weighing myself twice a day most days. Once in the morning and once at night. Seems a bit much, right.... So I will weigh myself on Wed for the board here. I think that will help me put things into better perspective. I will say I felt the urge to weigh myself tonight. I have stayed in surrender mode. I am in this for the long haul and need to adjust my actions a bit. We will see how it goes. CHALLENGE! Anyone who would like to join me, please message me or comment. I could really use a support buddy.


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