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Writing because I can't speak of it.



There is a back story, like everything seems to have. I am not going into it right now. This is more for me than for anyone who reads this so please excuse me if I don't focus on the story up till now. I just don't have it in me. I've made the decison to put my cat down. My husband will take him to the vet tomorrow. I will have Doc B runs some tests on him, that are only going to cost me money. I know in my heart there is nothing wrong with him other than his personality. Which by the way makes him him. I love Cleo so much.

This is my cat, I love him so much all I can do is cry right now. I am have been doing everything this year to try and get him to stop his behavior, and it is not working. I am so distraught right now. It would be something if he were sick or old. but that is just not th case. He is stubborn. It's his personality. Darn near all year, my husband has been supportive and helpful. I know how he feels and he has been putting that aside and letting me come to terms with this situation. I think I am making progress only to have it happen again and again. I can't justify it anymore and my heart hurts. I've tried everything, moving litter boxes to the places he urinastes, buying more litter boxes, I even have a cat genie. We have changed litter brands, and nothing seems to work. He pee's right in front of the litter box.

The carpet has been cleaned over and over. We will have to pull it up, and replace the flooring. When he was doing it in the basement I was bleaching the tarnation out of the cement down there. Then he moved up stairs. Now he is changing places. I can not have my cat urinating all over the house. He does it when he gets mad or when he feels neglected. He was an only child for the longest and my spoiling him has ruined him. There is only so much of me to spread around. It's not like Cleo is left unloved. That cat is very loved, and this is the reason why we have been dealing with him urinating in the house. I can't go on like this. So nearly a year after the behavior has begun, I am putting my foot down.

Monday, Cleo is going to see Doc B. and odds are he won't be coming home again. I am more than upset and it is very difficult for me to type, think or do this. The time has come for me to say goodbye to my long time best friend and this really sucks.


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Thanks Odette, that really means alot to me. It's a difficult situation because in his current state, he is unadoptable. The human society will put him down. I don't feel like I can post him to a good home when he is peeing outside the cat box. He is declawed and been an inside cat for 8 years. So he is a sissy cat, and that would be a huge lifestyle change to put him out in the winter and turn him into a outside cat. I wish I had a solution to this nightmare. The last thing I want to do is put him down. We can't continue on this way. It's frustrating cleaning up pee all the time and steam cleaning ect.

My son and this cat get along sooo well to. The entire thing makes me sick to my stomach to even think of.

When I moved to Omaha, and did not have family around. Cleo was my family. He was my friend and we were never alone cuz we had each other. I know this is TMI but my cat and I have a bond and it is hard to break it on purpose. My husband said to me. It's okay honey, if you can't or are not ready yet...... The question is, is anyone ever ready to do a sad life change? How many times do we need to replace out carpet or steam clean the area? How long is long enough. This has been a year of great challenge for he and I.

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So sorry for you Angie. We had to do the same (for the same reason) about ten years ago and it was the first and last time I ever saw my husband cry. Thinking of you.


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We had to do the same thing a couple of years ago, only my cat started attacking me while I was pregnant the 2nd time (he was around for the 1st one too.) It continued after the baby was born. It was hard making that decision, but I couldn't let my kids possibly end up on the receiving end. I still have my scars! Anyway, I'm sorry for what you are going through!



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Mandy - Thanks.....because of all the snow we had and the blizzard he used another one of his 9 lives. Now, I don't know again. I am back to hoping he will stop again....why....I love that darn cat soo much.

I suppose it is gonna happen sooner or later....looks now like it is going to be later.... Denial is bliss....or is it?!

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