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In the drivers seat of my health care car! LOL



I am back from my 5th fill. Yes, I said #5. I can say with confidence that this will be a very good fill. Matter of fact, this is the best fill I have got out of them all! The last fill was a good one too, but even this latest one blows it out of the ball park. Finally!

Not only that!!! But my intuition was correct. I felt the vibe of, “you’re calling again so soon for an adjustment.” [unspoken tone in their voice] Um, yeah! I filled out there paperwork that goes into detail of how much I am eating, and what foods I am eating. Yes, I can eat bread. Yes, I can eat a cup of chicken. Yes, the information I put on the sheet is correct. (Matter of fact I am sure I had a shocked look on my face when she was interrogating me as to if what I had relayed was indeed the truth.) Who am I doing this for…. ME! No a cup of food does not fill me up, am I satisfied, YES. Could I eat more, yes! Do I? No! I don’t want to harm my pouch/band ext. Not to mention, after 4 fills one would think you’d have restriction.

I’ve read the literature and books, participated in this forum darn near every day since Marchish. I know what I bought into; I understand what I am striving for. I am not ignorant for Pete’s sake.

The good news! My esophagus and pouch looked great. I took another .4 cc’s!!! The gal who gave me my fill did say, after the 5th degree of questioning me as to what I put down on the sheet, “oh I see what you mean.” Thank you, thank you very much! Validation! I am not a big dummy. I am not deaf to my own body. No I do not mistreat my band. I am not PB’ing and have no trouble eating breakfast. Do I have restriction, well yes, yes I do, but I should hope to high heaven I have restriction after 4 fills! Am I at my sweet spot? NO, that is why I am here!! Am I loosing weight? Yes. Yes I am.

Sorry for the rant, I needed to get that out. Recap, I am validated, AND I feel like this is a good fill. I hold out hope that this will be my “sweet spot.” I now have 2.4 reported cc’s in my band.

If I sound dramatic here, it’s because I am a bit dramatic, yes. Dare I say ready to be at a good restriction level!


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Odette - I thought of you yesterday. The gal doing my fill had a bit of a time getting my port. So much so, that she bent the first needle all the heck and had to get a second one to finish up. I am not scared of needles or anything so it wasn't tramatic for me, but I thought of you because you just had difficulty with your fill. Mine was under floro too. So sometimes they have a tough time. In Mexico they put in a low profile port, which is the small size port.

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