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Another fill



I got my 4th fill today. I dont feel real tight, in fact I dont really feel anything abnormal. I thought I would feel tighter than this. I am able to drink normally. I am kinda hungry. I hope that doesnt mean I am not tight enough. I dont want to be real tight anyway. I am on liquids tonight and soft food tomorrow so I will see how that feels, maybe I will notice that I am tighter tomorrow. She took it all out just to make sure everything was ok. That was a weird feeling. I could feel my stomach not being so tight anymore but I really didnt feel it tighten back up. Very strange. I am sore around the port site. I guess that is normal, it kinda hurt and at one point, I think she said it had come out of the port cause I had to sit up and drink and I think I moved and made it come out a little so she had to have me lay down and push it more in. That was a bit scarry, but I do like the way she does it because I get a chance to drink and make sure it goes down ok. I really have not had a bad fill with her yet. The one time I was too tight, I just called her and she took just a little out, it was easy. So, we will see how I feel tomorrow. I look forward to having restriction again. Wish me luck.



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