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Second fill




Wow this second fill got me. I got .55 of a fill and though that was next to nothing but I sure can feel it. I can not eat the way I was. Sometimes I feel things go down and it is painful. I really need to work on the chewing issue and not eating so fast. People at work say I am losing but the scale is not reflecting this. I am concerned that my stomach is not shrinking. I really am not sure I am losing. Maybe my scale is wrong. I dont know. I may have to get on my eliptical machine and really get this body moving. I have been under a huge amount of stress. I am working on getting mom into a retirement home. I have applied to be her payee on her soc sec check and my sister is very upset about this. My sister has been living off this money and I am taking mom and her money away from her and now she is going to lose everything. I feel bad, but it had to stop. I want mom to be happy and I found her a great place where she will make friends and have a good life. Unfortunately, that puts my sister in a really bad spot. She can't make any of her bills and is going to have her life very fastly fall apart. I hope she does not try to hurt herself or something, then I would really feel awful. All I can do is tell my sister to go get some type of help. She is really a mess right now. I dont want to feel this guilt. The stress is not helping my weight loss. I have to really watch myself cause this could cause me to back slide. I am so glad for this site, the information I receive daily has helped me to support my progress. I hope to continue support for other people while getting support for myself. I am going to work hard at this, I can't wait to be thin and healthy.


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Hi Stormy, Hope this finds you well. I read your blog and you have to do what is best for MOM! You cant be an enabler, it does you or your sister no good. Well enough about that. I had the surgery Jan 08 I started pre op 261 lbs, I was down to 247 the day before surgery. I had to have 3 fills before mine even started to work and that was 6-5-08. I do suffer from pain on a daily basis. I do have problems eating every day. I have even gone without eating for days at a time afraid to eat and hurt. So I do understand when you say you experience pain. If you have any tips you can give me to help with that I am open to any suggestions. I have now lost 69 lbs I'm at 192 now. How long has it been since surgery and how much weight have you lost. I dont have anyone really I can talk to about any of this, my friends can not relate to what WE go through. Hope to hear from you!


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