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The final beginning



So this is the first time I have felt like using a blog....I have had other opportunities but didn't feel like using them. But, as I look ahead a month (band date 3/26), and reflect on my daughter's procedure (1/7), I know that it is crunch time, now or never, I don't want to die - face reality.....I am pretty nervous about the surgery although my daughter went thru hers fine and she will be with me (getting her first fill). Let's face it - no one likes surgery...I feel pretty positive about the outcomes based on my daughter's slow but steady weight loss even after she returned to school - she has maintained her commitment, and is a motivator for me to also succeed. I just hope I manage through without any problems....The first week on the eating plan has been OK, but today the 4th day I am feeling hungry and had to have a small protein snack. I will weigh in on Sunday and hope that I have lost...something..I have been loosing but have hit a platue..not good for future surgery so I have started the diet a bit earlier..you know the one with two shakes and a meal...anyway I have to keep strong and my goals in sight..

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Good Outlook for your diet. I am also on the diet...my surgery is the 18th. I have had the urge to grab something not on the diet but I have been able to resist. I am on day 3 of my diet. LOL Some resistance huh? I told Dr. Miranda that I had never lost weight so fast (10 days) in my life but she said, "You could lose up to 20 lbs before surgery). She also said men lose weight easier than women. We shall see.

Having your daughter as a motivator is good too. You see her success and that will help. I am a nurse and just know that I can't keep this weight and be healthy. So, keep up the great outlook and maybe down the road we can exchange success stories.

Good Luck!!

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