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A superwoman I am not today .....



So today is my first day back to work .... its 11am and I think I'm dying. Ok, that may be a little over dramatic and I'm not actually dying but boy does it feel like it! ;) I think I went a little overboard while in Tijuana and San Diego and for that its my own fault. The day after surgery I did the Tijuana City Tour and as fun as it was (and not all that happy about the sunburn I got) I probably shouldn't have gone on it because the bus ride was fairly bumpy. Sunday (two days after surgery) my husband and I walked Sea World. I definitely got my walking in, however, I must have looked like a 90 year old woman shuffling along. I have gas in my back / neck and its killing me. I thought at first it was a kink but its definitely not that. And really, other than that --- my pain is minimal except where my port is .... I find that the most painful and have to hold it each time I walk or get up or sit down.

Other than that - I definitely don't regret getting banded ... never will I. From the day I started my pre-op to now, I've lost 17 pounds. I now feel like I'm doing a colon cleanse though -- time to get some fiber in me! Slow things down a bit! And this Friday I can start my "creamy stage" and I'm all over that like a .... I dunno ... something! I'm going to savor that first drinkable yogurt .....

This has been hard, I won't lie to myself or to anyone -- it definitely hasn't been a walk in the park. I didn't realize exactly how much my life had revolved around food. Tasty, scrumptious food ..... :) But in time, I'll be able to eat again, but just not right now --- 21 days of liquids and then I'm good to go - and on to eating healthier foods at a smaller quantity. Dr. Ortiz was right, be careful of that mental hunger - its the worst. My husband has been great with the food - he did stop off at Tim Horton's yesterday and brought me some chicken broth that they had strained for dinner. He too had soup, but he got all the noodles and veggies in his ... and of course a bun :( But he's trying to help me thru this stage and for that, I'm so very greateful!

I'm hoping to get away early today --- I'm glad I work at a hospital and they know that I'm not faking this pain as they see it every day. I wanted to stay all day, but I'm exhausted and just feel ill ..... and my couch is sounding a lot better!

I'm so happy that I've lost some weight - when I see the scale go down it makes me realize I made the best decision I could! Hopefully I can lose another 10 before we leave for Nova Scotia on the 9th and have a thinner face for those pictures! I've got a long road to travel down, but I know that I definitely can do it!


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You're ride so far sounds a little rougher than mine. Chin up. (I am glad my biggest effort post-surgery in Mexico was trying to solve a Sudoko and watching Olympic platform diving en espanol.

I had some yogurt yesterday...went down fine. Today nothing but tea so far. I did buy some liquid vitamin (actually dissolvable vitamins) that I'll take. No real hunger and no lethargy.

You can feel your port - I can't. Well I am trying not "to touch myself" here at the office, lest I get a reputation. :lol:

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