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shut it down



i am so miserable i keep on gaining weight and i go like on week diets but of course i get off when the weekend comes around and i drink up a storm and just go crazy. this is terrible! i can't help it i just want to have fun and drink then i get really hungry and eat late at night then go to sleep. of course i'm still with gio...but right now we're not talking same thing blah blah he'll be calling me in a few days though i already know this. well i hope he does..he was really mad this time and i went sorta crazy because i was really emotional. eh whatever if he never called me again it wouldn't be the end of the world it would probably be better for me because he's such a distraction and i told him that which probably really hurt his feelings..so anyway i gained like 30lbs within a year..it's the drinking. clubbing drinking then eating repeat repeat this is TERRIBLE!!! i don't work out or anything so its like duh you're going to get fat again HELLO! ugh.

my mom is now married to fred and i realize i don't like him that much because he's lazy and a shit talker. he was talking mess about me like i hate that. if you have something to say about me just say it to my face and going around talking to my sister and cousin about how horrible i am. well guess what i don't like you either!

anyway i think i shall lock myself up and try to lose this 30lbs that i gained in one year..urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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