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Clothing - too big!



I went to the closet this morning to look for something to wear and nothing fit. The dress I wore to my brother's wedding just last month - too big. I started to go through the tops and one by one they were folded and put in a basket. Some items I hadn't even worn yet. Others only barely. I finally found a t-shirt that is loose by fitting better than all the rest and a pair of Capri pants I haven't worn in 5 years or more. Gone are all my 24's and 22's and some of my 20's. All 4x and 3x and 2x! Surgery was only 12 days ago and I know I have been dropping weight daily but I never expected this!

My hubby went into the attic and brought down three rubber maid boxes containing my smaller clothes. Sizes 20, 18 and a few 16. Wonder what I'll find in there? It's kind of fun to open them up and see what I thought was so important to hang on to all these years. Scary, too!

The first place I want to shop at? La Vie en Rose! I want to buy pretty unmentionables from them! Ha ha! I have never been able to fit into pretty unmentionables from anywhere! I have ogled that store envying the cute little sleep sets, etc. for years and dreamed of being able to fit into something from there! One day, I told myself. One day.

Do you know what else I like? The handkerchief dresses! So adorable! It's exciting to know that soon I can shop again... only not from Omar the Tent Maker!

Well, off to go through the rest of the boxes and see if I can some kind of wardrobe out of them for the next few weeks anyway.


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