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I have a fill doctor .... in my town!!!!



So I live about 5 hours from Edmonton, in what feels at times like the farthest north you can go in Alberta (I know its not, it just feels like it). Fort McMurray isn't "home" right now, we're just up here to get some experience and pay off some bills and hope to return to civilization and mountain in two years. I was worried that having Lap Band surgery would create a bit of an issue with where would I go for my fills. I was going to see a doctor in Calgary that many people recommended as I really can't afford to get a flight from here to San Diego every time I needed a fill. If I was able to find one in Edmonton, I would have taken that too .... however.....

While I was away in Tijuana, a co-worker of mine had a patient (I work in the Operating Room) who had lap band surgery done in the US and was quite forthcoming that he saw a local doctor here in town and he did his and his wife's fills. So I called the office yesterday and asked the girl if there was a possiblity and she said yes. Then I mentioned I had my fill from Dr. Ortiz in Mexico .... and she said "oh, then I'll have to check, I'm not sure" .... my heart sunk and could only hope that he'd say yes. She promised to call me back today and that she did -- I now have a fill doctor here in town ad I don't have to travel for it! YAY!!!! I'm not opposed to going back to Tijuana for a fill, or even to see the doctor in Calgary who specializes in Bariatric surgery ... but this helps. The cost is $70 and I don't have to miss a day of work for it! If I don't like him, well then I find someone else, but this just really takes a load off the stress meter as I was panicking as to who I could find to do my fill and have it coincide with a long weekend so we could drive out.

It makes the pain and suffering of gas pains today not matter at all --- this truly has made my day! And on a happy note too -- I weighed myself (I have to stop doing this but I'm so excited each morning) -- I'm down 19 pounds since I started my preop diet a month ago. I tried to update my ticker here at work but couldn't so I'll try at home. Thats almost 20 pounds that had taken me 3 years to lose .... I'm also starting to drink more liquids now and feeling a bit better. Thank goodness cause last night I was starting to think that being hit by a train to put me out of my misery was a good idea!

My husband also got a phone call from his mom last night to say that his grandpa passed away. Devin is upset about it and its hard when someone you love hurts like that. Unfortunately he's also in the mad stage as he's upset that it took 3 days for his family to find out that his grandpa passed away. My family is different than Devin's where my mom calls my grandma every day and if she can't I do ..... Devin's family doesn't really do this and since being married, he's realized how close my family is. We're heading back to Nova Scotia in two weeks and they said that they'll just wait to have a memorial then when everyone is home (we're going back for a wedding) ..... what a week I tell ya. I hate this much stuff happening .....

Well another hour and half before I head home for the day --- wooohooo!!!! I'm going right to the couch, after I make myself some broth. One more day til I get creamy liquids and I'm all over that like crazy!!!



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Big time cheaper and life is easier -- Hwy 63 is a killer and i'm happy I don't have to drive it if I don't have to. I just checked out all the patient comments on ratemd's.com (or whatever the website it) and he doesn't have the best of reviews though. I'll try it out and in the end ... he is in FMM and it is cheap .....

Well isn't that a nice suprise. Your life just a got a lot easier and cheaper.
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Well that is awesome news about the fill doctor!! you know what you don't even have to like him just get the fill and be on your way. 70$ is so cheap the doctors here in Calgary have gone privatized and they are going to be charging a flat rate of $1000 a year. We are paying $125 until that comes into effect. The doctors here are just new and learning I think they stuck 6-7 times before they got it. I HATE NEEDLES......... They actually might have screwed up my friends because they think they may have punctured her port. She will know in one month if she needs to go under the knife here in Calgary the doctor knows it was his fault so who knows if it will be free or not. I think I might have found one doctor here who has not gone private.... I hope so because I am so scared now. It is not like the doctors in mexico.LOL I loved Dr.Ortiz!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope all gos well and they know what they are doing.. Actually I think the doctors in Edmonton have been doing it alot longer than the doctors in Calgary..

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