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So, I had another very successful shopping trip to Goodwill this weekend. I got a pair of capri's, a pair of shorts, and 3 summer blouses for under $20. I also delivered another huge bag of clothes for donation. Its strange to be picking through through the clothes on the rack and see things you recognize from your closet, but in a good way! Sometimes you think, why did I hold onto this so long? Did that ACTUALLY fit me at one point? or the most common - what was I thinking? lol But anyway... its nice to donate your old clothes to a worthwhile cause, and fill your closet back up with really cute items, and a great price, I really recommend you consider this as you lose weight, don't spend too much money on clothes you won't be in for very long, and DO NOT HOLD ONTO YOUR OLD CLOTHES that are too big... not only does it take up valuable closet space, but don't give yourself an excuse to get back into them again.. stay on track and make your goal to get to or stay at a healthy weight!

OK... getting off my soapbox for a moment, I realized something today as I was getting dressed. When I was heavier (aka Fat - a word i disdain!) I always felt the need to compensate for my bigger self. Just because I was fat, I refused to be frumpy. I spent a lot of time accessorizing, or more time on my hair, or just being more "put together" - because I didn't want people to think that just because I was overweight, I was lazy, or that I didn't care about my appearance, so I tried really hard to look very pulled together.

As I got dressed today (its supposed to be 80ish here today) I pulled on a pair of capri's and one of my "new" summer shirts (ok... hawaiian, but that's not a bad thing, its really cute and yellow with soft blue flowers and palm frawns on it - shaddup!) I realized, I am perfectly confident to go out in just a pair of capri's, a sunny shirt, and flip flops. I even pulled my bangs away from my face and clipped them back - because I don't have to hide behind anything anymore (except my faux tan - I will be clutching my St Tropez faux tan with my dying breath - because I am an irish girl and "fish belly white" without it.) But... I do hope you see my point. I'm not hiding... i'm not disguising myself.

Are you still hiding and/or disguising yourself because you aren't happy with your weight? So I ask you why the weight? Why the wait? Why did I wait so long? I love my sleeve, even more then I loved my band! If I were starting over from today, first time weight loss surgery patient, I would not pass go, would not collect my $200 and would go STRAIGHT to the sleeve, I love it, have no complaints, and zero regrets (except the waiting part!)

What are you waiting for?

You know how to reach me... 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81 or Lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com Summer is almost here, but more importantly, a healthier you is so ready to come out and play!

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I love to read your blogs Lori :) They are so upbeat! I went the plication way, but feel the same way about it you do your sleeve! I am so happy to have found the OCC and it has changed my life for the positive. I am a long time admirer/shopper of all things Goodwill. I just LOVE it and always find the cutest things there! I just bought a black sequenced dress for a party next weekend, it is quite the hot little number for $9.00!! Can you say HAPPY!?! Thanks for your blogs and all your support when I was going through the pre-decision process. <3

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