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ME ME ME.....This is me! I am well into this program for the past 9 days, flew fast the 3 week pre-op diet, well into my 2nd week pre op diet, easypeasy! I think the reason it is easy for a few reasons, I do not have to cook for anyone, I only look after myself. Everyone else can fend for themselves. I have cleaned out a cabinet that only stores my food and supplements. So I have no need to open the pantry. I made my own sugar free popsicles and also took 2 oz's of my chocolate shake and put in my popsicle container and freeze that then I have that as a snack. It is delish!!! Great night time snack when you are watching tv as it takes a while to eat one and you feel satisfied as your mouth is busy rather than jello where you don't need to work at it at all, a little more satisfying. I have also pre made a salad I just love and when in a pinch it is always there and can be eaten now. I have declined dinner invites to restaurants for the week as well. Keep busy , it goes by fast. God Speed to me!! I have tried several times to upload a new photo but in the preview it does not show so if it is not here , sorry.

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