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7 more sleeps



Protein drinks x 3 and salads are going down well, I am very close to the suggested 5% weight loss and going strong. Focused and hoping this week flies by! Had a terrible cold the past week but on the mend, popsicles really helped with the sore throat. Now exercise and water water water. Was curious about the pre op tests? Is there a test where there is a camera put down your throat? And a little curious about the drain after surgery? Is it bothersome? Thanks in advance for any answers.


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Hi Debbest. I didn't have the gastroscope (camera down your throat) and I'm not sure if OCC does it at all. Also I didn't have a drain after my sleeve procedure. Maybe you won't need one either.

Keep up the good work on the pre op diet. You're almost there.

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Thank you Ellie for your answers, that makes me feel even better,hows it going for you? Post Op? dieting is working ok? any struggles? I am so over the top excited to be doing this, its feels almost like winning the lottery to me. That's my next goal!!!

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