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I DID IT!!!!




I am on day 6 of POST OP... OMG this was so EASY, everything was well put together from the OCC office. I was on the 2 day liquid only diet which was easy enough, just kept water and protein shakes on hand when I felt my big guts eating my little guts, I would fill up on a shake. Omar was our driver and a very kind man who got us where we needed to be. The Marriot was the best, the pool is where I spent a few days recovering, the Chicken broth was so delish, Frank in the restaurant was very nice. Richardo the Concierge was helpful as well, any need to contact OCC as we had trouble dialing the number but I was using my cell phone, Richardo has a direct line and had our question answered in seconds. I thought their Popsicles were great tasting , I was with a group of women and we called ourselves TEAM 13 as it was the 13th of April. There was 4 of us getting done and I was the second inline. We waiting in the waiting room until it was almost time to go in. We all did our EKG test before and spoke to Lucia about Nutrition and had our weight and BMI taken. Good information she gave us. Once in my room, a loveseat for my best friend to hang out with and English TV, I change into the gown and stockings and waited. I was given a swig of stuff to relax me and I teased Osmon it was a shot of tequila as it made me all relaxed! He was incredibly patient and almost painless at giving me my IV, he also does a blood test at the same time using the same poke, so only one poke! Dr Ortiz came in and sat and had a very good visit with us. He is so compassionate about his job it just radiates off of him. I learned a few things about the foods we have been comsuming all these years. Thank you for that. Next I was in a wheel chair in the hallway meeting Dr Martinez and reassured me everything would be great. I walked into the operating room , go on the table and I was out and waking up in the recovery room! Not a stitch of pain, just freezing cold, many blankets on me I was then wheeled to my bed. Within 2 hours of going into the operation room and back at my room I was ready to get up and use the washroom. I used a walker to keep myself steady and with Osmon with me I was in good hands. I slept most of the day. Up walking a few times, I did ask for a sleeping pill as the lady next door could snore. The night Doctor came in and told me of my surgery that I also had a hernia which was fixed at the same time and that everything went very well. The night nurses , all male were super nice and very quiet when checking on you. I was up and out first thing in the morning and had a great time staying at the hotel for a few days before heading home. I did go back 2 days after the surgery for the Leak Test, that took a total of 5 minutes, super easy. Then we were released. I did have trouble with swallowing cramping in my chest and the leak test technician told me that could last for a few months. However it has already subsided. REMEMBER TO SIP YOUR DRINKS!! Glouping HURTS!! I had brought some Canadian gifts for the Staff but I do remember Dr Ortiz saying he like wine, so if your in the giving spirit, remember Wine!! I would recommend this place with all my heart. I would also recommend to take a companion, its always good to have someone look out for you as my Tuesday the day after is pretty much a blur, I was in a bit of a fog for a few days. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for my new LIFE!!!!


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