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-20 One month from the beginning



Hello Everyone!! I am officially past the 1 month mark from when I made my decision and started the PRE OP diet. I am down exactly 20lbs for my 1 month anniversary. I am now on day 10 POST OP, I am still on the liquid only part of the diet and can not say I am bored with it. Soup is my friend! Yogurts and Protein Shakes get me through the day. If I feel the need to chew I get a piece of gum. I can not believe how EASY this whole thing has been. I think today was the first time I felt hunger. It was time for me to get something into me and I did have Tomato soup, about 3 ozs of it. I am working on the WATER WATER WATER all the time..is sure is hard. But can now take bigger gulps, no more chest clenching. I can see the difference in my face and start to feel it in my clothes, it is only going to get better from here on in. Good Luck people, someone pinch me I feel that this is a dream!


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