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FINALLY LOSING AGAIN!!! =D> YES YES YES! You know, I STOPPED thinking about it - - stopped weighing, stopped scrutinizing every meal, and BOOM. From 165-166 down to 162 this EVENING. Can you believe it? Finally!! Thank you lord jesus :D

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That is great!!!!

I have been steadily losing 1 lb. per week for about 6 wks. Although I was happy I wasn't plateauing, I was upset that it wasn't coming off a bit faster. I kept plodding along, got my 3rd fill, and I have lost 3 lbs. so far this week.

Isn't it great when the scales reflect just how hard we are working at this?


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Oh I am so happy for you! I know you have been working hard so i'm glad you are seeing results! I hope it keeps up! ><'

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