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March 17th Banders...did you make it home okay and How are you doing?

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HI All,

Just thought I would check up on my favorite banders team and see how you all are doing since you've made it home. I had the longest day of flights and feel better for the sleep I got last night. Still very gassy. But I'm making it. I hope we all will keep in touch!

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I'm glad you're home safe and you have had some sleep. How are you feeling otherwise?


HI there,

To be honest my days start well and end exhausted. The clear liquid faze is tough but important. I dont feel and physical hunger and really no pain other than the pain from gas and not being able to burp....its as if the burp gets stuck and you can feel it rising...oh so uncomfortable. But livable. This morning I had a fast wave of nausia followed by very salty saliva. Not sure what that was all about. But as soon as I got up and sipped some water and walked around a bit it got better.

Overall though each day gets better. I know my strength wont get better until I am actually taking in some yogurt and good nutrition. Juice, broth and water just dont provide that for me. Thanks for your concern. How are you? Have you sorted out the anethsia and other stuff that was putting you in a holding pattern?

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Hi fatfreemee

I made it home alive lol!! back to my 4 pain in the butt kids lol

Iam going thru pretty much what you going thru cant burp and just sore in the port area but today is much better now it feels like itchy

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Hey FatFreeme I just found the topic !!! It has been so great to keep in contact. It's been one and a half weeks eh!!! I don't really see the other girls on here, just you me and Fabi. It's too bad because this would eliminate doing seperate emails. I'm attempting to make my own potatoe soup today...I've had enough of the storebought!!!! I never knew there was such a lack of places that do soups from scratch in my city!! I do a lot of cooking but I've never done soups before...my kitchen has become a lab!!! I had a terrrrrrrible day yesterday for eating too many calories. I think my appateite is kicking back in....I'm going to have to :) reign in the servings!!! Hope you are doing well today. Krista

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Hey there lovely lady!!!

Glad to hear your kitchen is the next soup lab...who knows you may find a new calling and open up a soup restaurant! From your ticker it looks like you are doing fabulously. I hear you about hunger coming back. the beauty is it wont be long till we get our first fill. First we have to make it through post op! Then its the few weeks of willpower to make our meals small and healthy. THEN hello BAND...waaahooo I am so excited. I know that it will take adjusting. But to have help will be fantastic. Mental hunger will still hit us but at least we wont feel the physical hunger.

All my best you you lovely lady

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Hello, First day, I am also a March 17th. Bander. Any Recommendations for this newbie??? Anything that helps LOSE it :

Hey Tom,

I think that we are all in the same boat. I am not sure you want to be hearing from someone who was banded on the same day but here is my two cents.

1. water....drink as much as you can so that you stay hydrated and your body can flush the fat

2. exercise...walk as much as you can (within reason)

3. Stick to the post-op diet...I have found a lot of great smooth soups that have really helped bring variety to my diet. creamy corn and lemongrass, cuban black bean, butternut squash, tomato, garden brocolli...

4. Have a good attitude...it helps but understandably there will be lows and alow them to happen just don't get caught up in them let them wash over you and pass ...dont hold on to the difficult days

How are you doing? How has your weight loss been? Who did your surgery?

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