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Please Help!!!!

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So sorry about this, to me it sounds like you have the flu and threw up and you are sore from it. Do you have anti nausea medication, I always take some to help me not throw up, since it’s really hard on the band. If at all possible get some and I keep mine with me at all times. What's recommended now is that you go on liquids only to get down the swelling - its something I do if I ever throw up. After you've been on liquids, and/or if you continue to have problems make sure to check in with your doctor.

Being a bit sore after a big throw up session is normal - taking it easy and doing liquids is part of what we need to do to baby our bands.

Take care, hope you feel better!


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You say you're in "extreme pain". That sounds scary to me. I'm sure that most likely you'll be just fine, but I would call the OCC (or your doctor if you were not banded at the OCC) and just check in to see what they think of your symptoms.

I hope everything is fine and you feel better soon!

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