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My Bandiversary

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I am so happy to see so many people have come up on their bandiversary this past 2 weeks or so. I thought that I too would share with you what I have learned over the past 6 months and maybe some of the points will help you.

I have learned that when you are feeling down and blue, and you just want to eat...dont, stuffing your face just makes you feel worse. Theres the guilt and of course the phyiscal pain and 9 times out of 10 when I do this I end up PBing. So I learned to deal with this to drink a glass of water and change the activity that I was doing. Maybe instead of watching TV I will go check the laundry, or pick up a book, go for a walk.

I have learned that when I think I am eating to much, I am. When I am eating to much I need a fill.

I have learned that this is harder than I ever imagined. I am unable to eat a lot of foods and most time all I end up eating is soup cause at least I know I can. I have tried over the 6 months to eat breads or sandwhichs, beef, pork and many other items but with no luck. It is hard to deal with this, to mentally get over it. I knew going in to it that this would most likely be the case but until you cant do it all you want is to be able to do it.

I have learned that you dont lose weight unless you exercise.

I have learned that if I dont drink a ton of water and watch what I eat, I dont go to the bathroom for days...then the chest pain kicks in. I now watch the type of foods I eat so that I get enough fibre naturally and I dont have to rely on fibre tablets.

I have learned that I am glad that I did not tell a lot of people and I was very selective in who I told. The people that do know have been supportive, but in not so many words they have hintted at the fact that I am losing slowly and they thought this would be happening faster. I feel the same but I have lost a pound a week or so, and to tell the truth exercise is not number one on my list. I could only imagine if I told the family and friends that are more negitive people in my life that they would be more negitive to me. "oh you spent so much money and you still cant lose weight, what a waste" I knew that about those people before hand and decided to avoid that pain. One person I did tell, my aunt, who has also had a hard time with weight, not as much as me but she is always trying to lose the same 20 pounds, has been a bit hard on me but in a loving hard motivating way. I take it with a grain of salt.

I have learned to respect myself, I cant yet say that I love myself but I am getting there.

I have learned that even though I still have weight to lose I no longer have to ask myself, "I wonder if that chair will hold me, I cant buy that...I might break it." It is amazing how many times I said that to myself without even knowing it. Perfect example, 3 years ago my family went to Mexico. I was near my heavist, and swollen from the heat and booze. My Brothers and Dad begged me to join them on the zip line canopy tour, but I thought there is no way the line will hold me IM NOT GOING, I never told them that but I stuck to my guns. I am a very daring and adventurous person and cried insdie when I felt that I couldnt do it. 3 weeks ago I was back in Mexico at the same resort with my family minus my two brothers, my dad, sister and I decided that we would go on the zip line and I felt ok with it and could not wait to go, after all I have lost 50 pounds. We got to the place to jump on the bus and there of course was the waiver form. The max weight allowed was 260 pounds, I was 245. 3 years ago I would have paid got all the way down there, they would have wieghed me and in front of 50 plus people would have told me sorry because you are to heavy, I would have died. (by the way they dont weigh you unless you are border line to 260lbs, I was not wieghed beacuse I knew my wieght) I am happy that I am getting out of the danger zone. We had a great time and I would go again and again!!

I have learned that even with a little bit of exersice over a long period of time changes your breathing and of course the shape of your body. I mean I have done so little I cant imagen how HOT I would and will look once I pick it up a notch or two. I was vacuuming the other day and notced that after moving all the furniture I was not out of breath and sweating.

I have learned that FAT people do get held back in the professional work place. I was laid off 4 months ago (not because of my wieght) and I am still looking for a job. Should hear back from one next week, that will change my life. 50 pounds ago I would have never had applied for that job because I would have said to myself I cant do that! I love being a Landscape Architect.

Well I am sure you dont want to read anymore, so I will stop.

I am very happy and proud of myself,


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Like everyone has already said on here, and I want to add. What a great post!

I know that there are the male bandsters out there but right now I feel a connection with "Sisterhood Bandsters". I get this awesome feeling when I look at where we have all started and how far we have come. Just like you mentioned, holding back from group activities and family gatherings were very the norm for me. Inside I wanted to be a part.

On one of the posts that I read on here, one of the non-scale victories was being able to wrap a towel around oneself. I love how we all have experienced some of the same daily life experiences. Please keep writing.


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