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4 weeks post op and no restriction..is this right?

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I am hoping to get some guidance from you all! Well I am about 4 weeks post op and I am doing really well on normal foods. I am working to eat smaller serving sizes but I really dont feel much restriction at all. I assume this is due to swelling going down after surgery- I have healed well and fast.... which I am grateful....

I am a little worried: Is it normal to have no restriction at this point? I am putting a lot of mental energy into small servings and healthy food but I feel like I would be easy to cheat which I was hoping after surgery that wouldn't be the case. Will this change with my first fill?

Thanks for your guidance!

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This is very normal, you're in bandster hell time.

You do have to focus and fight the mental hunger, don't push - keep eating small amounts. Remember you have shrunk your "old" stomach since you've been on liquids to 4 weeks so you do have restriction from that. The worse thing you can do is eat large amounts and push the limits. It will change with your first fill, however we're all different - some take longer to get to their "true" sweet spot - but even if the first fill isn't heavy - its a great learning.

This is the time when you really have to focus - we all have been there and understand that it is hard. If we did it - you can do it too!

Congrats on your band, and cheers to you starting your new journey!



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Thank you so much! Just want to make sure what I am experiencing is "normal" so to speak:) I am planning on going down beginning of September for a fill with fluro so just a few more weeks!

It must be normal because I am experiencing the same thing...you aren't alone. I have had my band since July 21. I am going to get a fill on Aug. 25th because I'm afraid if I continue much longer with no restriction, I will eat too my and stretch my stomach. I am eating healthy, just definitely NOT a cup at a time. I will let you know if I feel differently after my fill!


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Not to bum you out, but it took me three fills to really feel anything and even now with 5 I don't get tight like some others have. Now if I measure out my food I get plenty full and do fine until my next meal so I definitely have the restriction I need but if I listened to my head I could eat a lot more.

Use all those tricks everyone talks about: measuring, filling foods, benefiber, etc...

Hopefully you will get restriction before I did, but i'm just throwing it out there so you don't get upset if you don't feel it for a while. If you do that is great! I sure hope you do some feel it after their first, but that was not my case.

Good luck!

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Do not allow yourself to get discouraged. As you see by the other posts, this is how it works in the very beginning. It took me until my second fill to feel restriction. By my third fill I was actually too tight and had to have an unfill. I still rely a lot on those that are the long (not old) timers for their words of wisdom, advice, encouragement and so on.....................


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