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Ten Months Down.............

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Every month I send out an "update" to my friend and family. My step dad calls it my monthly rant....I sent this out this morning and my mother says I should post this for encourgement and just a good laugh for everone...so here goes my "Month Birthday Rant"...this would also count as my September 18 food log...lol

Well its been 10 months and after a couple of days of "food hell"..lol ...I thought I would let everyone know how my birthday went........

It all started out with MOM bringing me my birthday gift, which was just what I asked for, Fried Apple Pies ohhh, and lets not forget the homemaid choc cookies "for tha boys" that she put in the sack. Ok.Seriously....I am really suppose to take these to the boys and not have one cookie, ok maybe two cookies, ok I will stop lying Three cookies.... YES, So I ate one fried pie and three cookies! The sad thing is this is the day BEFORE my birthday, still got a whole entire day left to go......GO ME! ..yeah right. Ok so I still have one pie left, so I put it inthe fridge at work to "chill" it.

I arrive the next morning to work which is my b-day and got to thinking...whats for breakfast, I know my pie, so yes I eat the other pie for breakfast. ok, now I have made up my mind that I am going to eat one pack of oatmeal for lunch and that is it. My phone rings at 10 and my neighbor Pam wants to go to lunch for my birthday! and of course I say SURE where would you like to go, she says lets go to Del Rio...ok..this is great , not ONLY do they have chips and dip but free ice cream. Well its 12 I get my purse, clock out and go to Del Rio to meet my neighbor on with my BLINDERS on. The blinders are so I will not even see the FREE ICE CREAM that they have. We hade a great lunch, with all the chips and dips and we started out the door and the damn blinders FELL OFF!!!! There was the Ice Cream machine, I sware it just handed me the Ice Cream Cone with Choc Ice Cream in it, that is the only way it could have gotten in my

hands...lol......Anyway after running into like four people while I was leaving, who ALL reminded me I did not need to be eating that Ice Cream, I go back to work. Well after about 30 mins of being back to work, I was called to the front. My sister and the lovely Brit stopped by to wish me a happy birthday and brought me a Butter Finger Blizzard from DQ, that somehow disappeard within like 20 mins.....Dont have a clue how that cup got so empty so quick!....Now I am thinking, ok Do I still have a band, is she in there?????lol Anyway my day ended with a Pedi with hubby and NOTHING for dinner!...

However after all of that I am now down 70 lbs!!!!! I use to say that I would like too loose about a 100 pounds, now I can say I only have 37 pounds to go to reach my goal....

Thankseveryone for a GREAT Birthday!


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Wow Holly you look fantastic. I can't believe that you have lost that much weight.

How long has it been since you were banded?

Have you had trouble with sagging skin or needed a tummy tuck. I am just curious because I have well over a 100 pounds to lose.


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