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I haven't heard of anyone doing that. You can go on FMLA and then use any sick or vacation time that you may have built up. If you go on FMLA your doctor has to give you a work release note. They could probably also give you a note that restricted you to light duty only and I would think the job would have to honor that and find something for you to do that was in the light duty category. Might be worth checking with your HR department about or doing a search on-line for HR laws.

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since I was off only one day for the surgery, that would not have been necessary. Are you talking about SSI or short term disability? I know you wouldnt be eligible for SSI but state disabiltiy, short term, if you have it through your work like I do, you would need to be off a whole month before it would kick in. At least that is the policy under our short term disability. If you have it, I would check the policy of yours but I was back to work on Monday after having my surgery on Friday. It was not necessary to be off long.

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