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"Journaling" My Food

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Okay - so I figured something out - and I know this will have some "duh!" factor to it.

I really pay attention to what I put in my mouth and to how much I'm exercising if I keep track of it.

Again, I know this isn't ground breaking or anything, but I can't stress how important this is! After working on a lot of different websites I've decided that I like www.livestrong.com the best. Mostly because I can track everything quickly and it seems to have so many of the items I eat (lots of organic stuff) on the lists.

I can track exercise (woot! I've been walking a mile + every single day) and how much water I'm drinking.

So one day I notice I've eaten 800 calories - the next day I realize I ate 1400... I can actually see WHERE and make the adjustments and try to find substitutions for the items that I could have done better with.

Also - it tells me how much protein I've eaten... now I look for food with lots of protein.

So - I know you all know about writing down what you're eating... just wanted to share this website as an option.

- Simone

(feeling mighty good!!)

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Under "diet and food" there are some of us that journal our food every day. It is a big help to me and anyone is welcome to join us!

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I track everything on weightwatchers.com and plan on continuing this habit after my procedure. My problem is I need to be more consistant with it. A lot of times I will track right up to dinner but then forget it. Or I will not track on the weekends. So my focus will be tracking for every meal and every day.

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