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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Ditto I hope everyone had a fantastic day! I ate more than I should, but nothing like I would have years back so i'm really pleased w/ that. I didnt work out this morning like I hoped, but I have a couple days off so I'll get my rear in gear and get to the gym. Felt so good today to be content w/ what I ate, but not have that i'm so full I think I might explode feeling. Didn't need the stretchy pants this year!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you. You look fab! Your success has me very inspired. I had a wonderful day today. I put about a tablespoon of everything on my plate and ate slow slow slow. I never felt full but I did feel completely satisfied and although I thought about going back for more of the soft stuff, no one else at the table did (the food was kept in the kitchen not on the dining room table) so I didn't and soon I forgot that I would have enjoyed seconds.

Hugs all!


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