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28 November 2009


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S: Glass of 2% milk

Pts - 3

B: 1 pc Orowheat double fiber bread w/ ICBINB spray and low sugar fruit spread and cereal (dry)

Pts - 4

L: Applebee's three cheese pasta w/ chicken. Love how it's on the "low fat" menu but a serving is 550 calories!! I ate it for lunch and dinner so not so bad!

Pts - 5

D: Other half of my lunch entree

Pts - 6

S: Wine and chips and dip

Pts - 12

Calories so far: 1600

Points so far: 28 (ouch, gotta love flex points!)

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POINTS® Tracker entries

Saturday, November 28, 2009


2 Tbsp Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Liquid Creamer 1.5

1 tsp coffee, instant or regular, powder 0

1 Tbsp sugar 1

1/3 serving(s) Yonique Strawberry Yogurt Drink 1

Subtotal 3.5


1 cup(s) Cream Of Broccoli Soup 4

Subtotal 4


1 serving(s) Lentil soup 2

2 Tbsp Lite Whipped Topping 0

1/2 cup of Pumkin Pudding - Quick-added food 1

1/4 cup(s) Reduced fat mild cheddar shredded cheese 2

1 1/2 cup(s) Creamy tomato 2

Subtotal 7


3/4 serving(s) Slim Fast French Vanilla Optima Shake 2.5

Subtotal 2.5

Food POINTS values total used 17

Food POINTS values remaining 6

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B-None - Slept until almost 10:00 am :D


L- Mexican Food - Chips and Dip- about 3 table spoons of Taco Salad

S-Went to movie so I stopped and bought a reeces instead of getting popcorn, still bad but WAY less calories

D- A Yogurt and a Grapefruit - Not too hungry tonight....

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