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Liquids Anyone?


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A list for those on liquids that I found has worked for me. I am greatful that this stage has given me the oppertunity to find new things I now can't live without :D

1. Active Lifestyle Gellatin Cups - loaded with 4 grams of fiber per serving! Flavors are better than Jell-O!

2. Mishima Miso Soup poweder mix - comes in individual packets that you just mix with hot water! Only 35 calories a pop.

3. Cool Whip Lite or Cool Whip Free (great with the Jell-O. Feels like you are cheating when you are not)

4. Nestle Rich Hot Cocoa Powder with Caramel - A liquid Candy Bar!

5. Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea Bags - A box of 20 (Try with a dash of skim milk and you would think you paid $3.5 for a cup at Starbucks!

6. Campbell's Soup At Hand "Blended Vegetable Medley"

7. Imagine Organic Creamy Tomato Soup (comes in a rectangle carton)

8. Yonique Low Fat Yogurt Drinks (Pina Colada is awesome)

9. Lifeway Lowfat flavored Kefir (found this at Whole Foods)

9. Slim Fast Optima Shakes (The only protein shake I like)

10. Benefiber individual Drink Powder (like Cystal Light except 3 grams of fiber per pouch - sold in the Metamucil Aisle. Flavors are awesome. Mix with bottled water.)

11. Original V8 - I love this at room temp or heated on the stove as a soup.

12. Naked Fruit Smoothies (variety pack of 10, 10 ounce bottles found at Costco for $5.99. I use these for breakfast!)

13. Applesauce cups (mix it up by buying flavors like peach or strawberry)

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Great ones! I also love all the soup at hands and also EAS shakes - I only like the chocolate ones.

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I'm getting Banded on 12/11/09, not sure if I should bring liquids with me or will the hotel be able to accomidate. does anyone have any suggestions?

Definately bring some powder mixes with you. They are easy to pack and will come in handy. I brought crytal light, benefiber drink powder, tea bags, and miso soup mix and I used them all.

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The Miso soup idea is great! (as mentioned by bogies mum). I feel that is so thin and deliciouse and I know i liked it. After my op they gave me clear Jelly in the hospital and some plain broth and apple juice for the 2 nights I was in there. When I got home my partner made me have so much fluids as I wasnt able to eat, so try have the optifast or optislim type products on hand just in case and to be safe. Also vitamin waters are a good chance, good luck xx

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