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Best Christmas ever

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A year ago today I was just finishing my 21-day liquid diet. I lost about 20 pounds on it and felt like a million bucks over the holidays. This year, I feel like TWO million! Who knew I'd be down another 70? Not me. I was so sure this band wouldn't work for me. It has, and it still is! Thanks to DR. ORtiz and all of YOU for giving me the best gift of all- getting myself back! If you are just starting out, think about what you will look like and how you will feel a year from now. Excited?!




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Sitting here watching A Christmas Story marathon and watching the snow come down and it does take me back to last year. It is so amazing how much has changed!!! So many things have happened this year and i'm so thankful and excited for what 2010 has to bring us.

I hope you all have a great holidays!!!!

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Way to go Sabrina! You were one of the awesome women on this board who shared so much of your experience with me and helped me with my decision to have the surgery. You look fantastic and I really appreciate your knowledge, wisdom, and spunky attitude.

Happy holidays and a fab New year to all of ya'll!

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