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2 January 2010


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Lucerne Best of the Egg 2 servings, 60 cal

Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee, 0 cal

Carnation Carnation Coffee Mate French Vanilla Liquid Creamer 1.5 servings, 60 cal.

Sugar, 1 Tblsp, 35 cal.

Taco Soup, 1/2 cup, 99 cal.


Kraft Whole Grain Bagel-ful, 1 serving, 180 cal.

Afternoon Snack:

Molasses Sugar Cookie, 90 cal.

Yoplait Creme Caramel Delight Parfait, 100 cal.


Taco Soup, 3/4 cup, 158 cal.

Dole Greener Selections Salad Mix, 2 cups, 23 cal.

La Victoria Thick and Chunky Medium Salsa, 4 Tblsp, 20 cal.

Granny Goose Tortilla Chips, 6 chips, 70 cal.

Evening Snack:

1/2 Mrs Field's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie, 140 cal.

Elliptical Calories Burned = 199

Total Calories consumed = 1038 Calories Remaining = 373

Daily Values:

Calories: 85.66%

Sodium: 124.27%

Fat: 79.84%

Cholest: 23.94%

Sugar: 202%

Carbs: 72.49%

Protein: 147.64%

Fiber: 86%

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