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5 January 2010


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B: Quaker weight control oatmeal (1 package)

L: Kraft easy mac w/ tuna mixed in

S: Two small pieces of chocolate (grr...) promptly followed by two benefiber tabs - i'm starving!

D: Frosted flakes cereal (dry) - tummy was upset was only thing that sounded good!

S: Michalena's light pizza snacks

Calories so far: 1,000

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Coffee, 1 serving, 50 Cal.

Carnation French Vanilla Liquid Creamer, 2 servings, 80 cal.

Sugar, 1 tblsp, 35 Cal.

Small Banana, 90 Cal.


Progresso Split Pea & Ham Soup, 1 cup, 140 Cal.

Sourdough Bread, 2 Slices, 164 cal.

Pirate's Booty, 130 cal.


Nissan Cup Of Noodles, cal. 300

Kraft Bagel-ful, 180 cal.

Calories Burned:

Washing Dishes, 40 minutes, 120 cal.

Doing Laundry, 45 Minutes, 126 cal.

Walking Dog, 30 Minutes, 118 cal.

Calories Consumed = 1169 Calories Burned = 364 Calories Remaining = 407

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