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6 January 2010


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Pete's Coffee, 50 cal.

Carnation Hazelnut liquid creamer, 50 cal.

Equal Sweetner, 2 servings, 8 cal.

Entemann's Glazed Pop'ems, 2 pieces, 110 cal.


WW Smart ones Chichen Enchiladas Suiza, 290 cal.

Campbell's Select Harvest Light Italian Stle Veggie Soup, 2 cups, 100 cal.

Kraft String Cheese, 1 serving, 80 cal.


1 package Snackwell Creme Cookies, 220 cal.

3 pieces peanut butter filled pretzels, 40 cal.


2/3 cup Bertolli Penne Pasta w/ Chicken, 245 cal.

1.5 cups of Green Giant Veggies in cheese sauce, 58.5 cal.

3 small pieces of Garlic Bread, 210 cal.

Calories Burned:

30 minutes on the elliptical at 148 heart rate, .95 miles = 373 cal.

Calories Consumed = 1462 Calories Burned = 373 Calories Remaining = 123

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B: None, had a dentist appt and was running late

L: Sonic kids meal - chicken strips and tots


Calories so far: 500

Snowing again here so I might open a bottle of wine tonight and watch it come down! :D

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