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NSV - unexpectedly

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Good Evening.

Well, I have two NSVs to share.

The first one and the story behind it.

A few days ago, I was throwing on a pair of my workout pants to relax in and run around the house in. So I put them on and thought, how odd, they are a little big. I thought, they must be a large, so I guess it should not surprise me.

Then later, I was too curious cuz I couldn't remember having those particular workout pants in a large. I looked at the tag and they were a Medium.... Was I ever in Shock that my mediums are big on me....

2nd NSV: I went today at Ann Taylor Loft to look around and see if my friend was working. Well she was and they were having a fantastic sale. So I decided to try on a pair of pants, so my friend brought me a pair of 4s and they fit. So I thought maybe it was a fluke and had her bring several pairs if size 4 jeans over and, OMG, they all fit. SO then she brought me a pair of the boyfriend jean shorts in size 4 and they were a bit baggier than expected and she brought me a pair of 2s and they were a bit snug, but I got them up and zipped. :D

Woo Hoo... Woo Hoo... Yippee... Yippee... Happy Dance... Happy Dance....

I hope everyone is doing great. Just had to share.

Hugs to all,


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Great job girlie!!!!! Wow, that has to be such a great feeling. I am hoping I can get into a size 6 and I just might cry when I do! I was actually at Ann Taylor the day I got into 10s and I danced in the dressing room! :)

Kudos to you!!!!

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