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Too Tight

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Has this happened to anyone else? I got a fill over a week ago, felt great. Then Friday and Saturday, I couldn't eat a thing, but I could drink as long as I did it slow. Then yesterday, I didn't feel as tight so I was able to eat a little bit. I honestly thought I would have to have an emergency unfil because my band was so tight it I could barely swallow my own saliva. Today I feel fine and will take it easy again. I didn't know that even after a week that my band would tighten up so much. Is that normal?

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I don't know if it's "normal" but it has happened to me. Fills under fluoro that seemed perfect but then tightened up a week later. I have had two complete unfills in the past five months. Just make sure you stick to liquids when it happens and I find Maalox helps too...seems to ease the swelling that is likely making the band so tight. Sorry to hear this is happening to you too.


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Just don't let it go on too long. If you can't drink well, then you

may need a little unfill.


When you say band revision, what did you have done? Just wondering since I've had some issues and had to had port re-attached, removed and put back in, etc. Haven't heard of anyone with similar stories.


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