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consultation day


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Well I have my consultation with Dr Nyte after work tonight. Because I live so far away he is doing a phone consultation with me. I had to send him pictures of me and that was very hard. I feel that I look pretty good in clothes now but sending someone pictures of yourself letting it all hang out is pretty discouraging. I put the pictures in my journal to inspire me that I never want to go back to this place.. I really hope that Dr Nyte can work some of his magic on me . I know he did an awesome job on Pammie and Lisa.

I will keep you posted what he says.

Have a good day everyone.


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Exciting stuff!!! Totally understand on the pics. I have some I took a while back so I could see if my workouts are working on my arms and it makes me sick to look at them. I am at that point where not much else is coming off w/o PS, but I am beyond broke and can't ask my family for any more loaners so i'm just gonna have to deal. :angry:

Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

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Ugh! I know how that feels. I remember getting a consult for a breast reduction and lift and crying my eyes out as the doctor took the pictures. I still haven't taken my before pics and I need too! With pre-op loss I'm 20lbs down. I do have some puffy faced pics from surgery day tho.

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