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Hey All, I am back from Hawaii

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Good Afternoon All,

Well, I got back from Hawaii on Wednesday night. I was able to spend 10 days with my family there. What a fun time. We saw so many beautiful sights while there on Oahu. We were able to go to Hanauma Bay and swim with the fishies, and attend a Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center, climb up to Diamond Head and even whale watching on the Starlet. We also did the maze at the Dole Plantation and go to the Kualoa Ranch and take an Ocean Voyage & Jungle Expedition. Then there was a hike we did on Judd Trail to Jack-Ass Ginger Pools and then went to see the Waiamea Waterfall. We had a blast.

So I was brave enough to actually get a pic of me in my bikini top with boardshorts. Eekkk.... And surprisingly I am willing to post it and one of me on the beach. Also one learning how to Hula Dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center.


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Thank you Suzpars and Zoey,

I haven't had a TT, sometimes I think I want to have one, but surprisingly, my hubby thinks there is no need for one. Plus little by little it is getting smaller, it may never be flat, but it is ok. It is all the core workouts that are finally making it better.

However, I did have a breast reduction in 2004, well technically one in 1994 too, but the one in 2004 was both reduction and scar revision and the insurance paid for it both times, thank goodness. Another really good thing I am happy I did too. I still wear a 34DD with Victoria's Secret bras and a 34D in other brands. So, the girls are good. :lol:



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I am so so so so very jealous!!! I would love to go to Hawaii!!! And I agree you look great!!! You rock that bikini girl!!! :)

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