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Clothes before and after banded

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Before being banded my highest weight was a little over 360. My summer clothes for Summer 08 was a 3x to a 4x shirt and 3x shorts. My neck was 25 inches. Since dieting and getting banded i have dropped to 245 and to a xtra large shirt and size large shorts if they have a draw string. I have lost 5 inches in my neck also.

Getting clothes together for vacation is a lot easier now.

Just wandering how well everyone else has done?

April 6th will be my 1 yr being banded!!!!

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Good for you that is awesome. I was at 317 pounds at my highest wearing a 6x at Penningtons. That was the only store that I could shop at and 6 x is their largest size. I now can walk into Walmart and buy a size large yoga pant and it fits great. ACtually the large is getting a bit big now. T shirts are large.

Suit size 14-16.

Don't you just love this band :)


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Congratulations on your 1 yr. bandiversary hubby dear!!!!! You need to post a new picture. You look angry in your boat photo.

Currently I am at 167 lbs. and I easily fit into a size 12, but can squeeze myself into a 10.



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