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What are the risks

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How many people on here have had a pregnany with their band? What is the risk factors? I am 42, my time is running out. I almost wonder if it is too late for me, but if I consider having another child, what is the risks that I would be facing? I know there are other risks like down syndrome and things like that but during a pregnany what happens to the band?

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I am almost 4 months pregnant. My doctor doesnt see any risks for me with my band, everything has been positive. I do not have the same high blood pressure I had with my previous two because ofthe band (when lost the weight, got off the meds) so it has been a positive experience :)

I had my band for the whole pregnancy. There is no risk whatsoever according to my dr. However, I realize now that I had an overfill just before pregnancy and ended up having reflux (I thought it was just due to pregnancy) I did not get unfilled during pregnancy and I should have. I continued to have reflux after the baby was born and a little over 1 month ago I went in and got a complete unfill:( boo! I am lucky that I didn't slip since I was too tight for the whole pregnancy! I did cause the upper pouch to stretch. I'm planning on staying unfilled for a while and going back for a small fill.

My only advise is to get a complete unfill, and that's what OCC will tell you too. I was too afraid I'd gain the weight back so I stayed filled (not understanding I was too tight in the first place) bad combo!

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I'm 7 weeks today and planning to keep my fill as is!! I don't see any added "risks" to the pregnancy due to the band, in fact I got the band in anticipation of this pregnancy and feel that I have decreased my pregnancy risks tremendously just being 50+ lbs lighter!!

Good luck and keep us posted on your "progress" Happy Baby Making!!!!

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