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6 April 2010


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I never do this, but I HAVE been keeping track of my food on the My Fitness Pal website, so I thought I would post it on here once or twice. This is my plan for the day, I always put it all in when I know what I am having, and then make changes after the fact if it changes.


Tyson - Frozen Chicken Nuggets - Baked, 2.5 piece

Grapefruit - Pink Grapefruit , 1/2 raw

Betty Crocker - Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie, 0.7 brownie


Fish - Tuna, white, canned in water, drained solids, 1 can

Kraft - Miracle Whip (Light), 4 tbsp (16g)

Iceburg Lettuce Leaf, 3 leaves


Crock Pot - Homemade Beef Chuck Roast With Potatoes & Carrots, 475 g


Fruit - Banana -Medium, 1 whole

Kroger Brand - Roasted Peanuts and Honey - Peanut Butter, 2 tbsp

Totals 1,296 calories

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WW POINTS® Tracker entries

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


2/3 serving(s) Starbucks Cold Coffee 3

1 tall Beverages Brewed Coffee 0

1 Tbsp Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Liquid Creamer 1

Subtotal 4


1 serving(s) Mishima Miso Soup Mix 1

1/2 salad(s) Greek Salad, Restaurant Type 2

1/3 cup(s) homemade hummus 3.5

2 oz Low Fat, Plain Greek Yogurt 1

1/2 small white pita bread 0.5

2 item(s) falafel patties 3

Subtotal 11


1 serving(s) Thomas' Bagel Thins 1

1 wedge(s) Light Creamy French Onion 1

1 serving(s) Progresso High Fiber Tuscan Chicken 2

Subtotal 4


6 oz Light Banana Cream Pie Yogurt 2

6 oz Light Strawberry Yogurt 2

Subtotal 4

Food POINTS values total used 23

Food POINTS values remaining 0


30 min elliptical trainer, moderate intensity 2

Activity POINTS values earned 2

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How about we try this again! :lol:

B: Eggs, potatoes and sausage

L: Sliced ham dipped in light miracle whip. Carrots and ranch dressing

D: Easy Mac and a couple tortillia chips

S: Cheese & Crackers

S: Tofutti ice cream sandwich

Calories so far: 1,100

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