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Has anyone had fills in Calgary, AB?

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Dr. Burke at the Lefevre Clinic on Southport Road does them. She is really nice and she doesn't use the cannon that they tend to use in TJ.

Dr.Burke Peggy ‎995-10655 Southport Road Southwest, Calgary, AB T2W 4Y1(403) 278-3411‎

I believe that she is at a conference in the next fw eeks, but give them a call. I got an appointment for the day after called, and it was $100 cash. They don'have any weird hang ups about your having your surgery in Mexico either.

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I am in BC and have my surgery date for May 24 with Dr Ortiz, but am concerned about after care. Does anyone know of anyone in BC who does not have hangups about us having our Surgery in Mexico? I just attended a seminiar today with the False Creek Surgical centre out of Vancouver and they want just over $17,000 for the lapband. A little closer to home but much more expensive. They dont seem to want to touch a "Mexican"or work done at another center. they also stated that their Allergan bands "were more üp to date than the ones" being used in the US or Mexico.

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What does everybody consider to be complete after care?? I live in red deer and am getting banded on june 28 th. Do you get in contact with his office before you get your surgery or just if you need a fill or something?? I am getting my first fill in August at Occ but it is nice to have a system in place closer to home.

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