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food issues after surgery

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I am now on the soft foods phase and could probably add solids but am having some issues. After just a few bites I am uncomfortable. Anyone else that tight? Also I have gotten sick twice after eating. A small amount of potooes and then I forgot and took a few sips of water. Threw up major slime for an hour after. Then today, I had a few bites of mac n cheese and got sick about 20 minutes later. In both cases, I had gotten in a moving car and wondering if that caused it. Either way, I got uncomfortable, I could feel extra saliva in the back of my throat and a bit later, threw up "slimy saliva" for a bit.

Really going to out a crimp in eating out for business lunches if I can't get into a car afterwards.

Anyone else having similar issues?

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I had the sleeve done 3 months ago. When I started on solid foods, I had to sort of ease into them. Start with fairly soft or mushy foods. Even now, my morning and daytime meals are semi-soft - oatmeal for breakfast, high protein yogurt or tuna fish for lunch. It also takes a while to be able to eat more. In the beginning of my solid foods, a couple of bites of salmon or chicken would be enough; I can definitely eat more now. Drinking too soon after eating solid food is a major problem and seems to almost always result in sliming -- not fun. Which is one of the reasons I stick with soft or mushy during the day. Three months out, there do not seem to be any foods I can't eat (although I haven't tried mac 'n cheese). But going in to solid foods really is a process. And eating after the surgery is definitely a learning process.

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