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Break it down for me, please

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Hi All,

For those of you who have had the plication surgery: how many days did you stay in TJ before and after the surgery? I am considering a revision of my band and wanted to know how long the adventure might take? I actually live in San Diego, about 20 minutes from the border, and wanted to know how many days is really required to be close to the facility?

Thanks in advance!

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I had surgery on Friday and spent the night in the hospital. Saturday night in the TJ hotel and left very early Sunday morning for a long flight home.

I think the Doctors prefer if you stick around an extra day but it's not necessary. I felt great on Saturday, the day following surgery but not so hot Sunday morning. I think the drugs were affecting me on Saturday and wore off by Sunday.

Since you live in SD I'm sure you're fine to go home a couple days after surgery.

But my advice is to ask the doctors - they know best.

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