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3 weeks out

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HI Nicole,

I think we are all going great! You go girl because this weight will keep falling off quiucker than before. I am also losing slow but I feel confident. I am going to go work out today. I thought I might try a spin class. Please keep posting I really want to know how you are doing.



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Hi Nicole,

I've been reading your story and I remember you on the band forum back when I was first banded. I'm scheduled for revision to plication at the end of March and I read that you're finding plication more challenging? Is it because of that "natural" full feeling that Dr. So was talking about instead of when something gets stuck as a sign to stop eating? How are you doing now?

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How exciting. I am new here and am reading many of the stories. I am glad to see yours because it is fairly new and I can watch your progress as I decide what I can and cannot do. I wish you the best of luck. I know you will do really well and loose all the weight you desire.

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