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I had a RNY bypass in 2002. In the last 5 years I have gained most of the weight back. I desire getting back on track. I felt good, physically and mentally, when I was smaller and would like to be there again. Glad to have found this site to help me prepare mentally and see what is out there to help me.

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Yeah,you said it right.I agree with you suzeetim.If you have gained the lost weight back what are you currently using.

Any diet plan?


No diet plan yet. Sort of cutting back on the sugar and fried foods. Have purchased a stationary bike and am riding it 30 min each day. Trying to get motivated to really start back. For some reason surgery motivates me and I stay on track once I have something done. Hope to get back on track with minimal pain.

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I suggest you Suzettem that you take care about your diet and avoid sugar and fatty acid. The only reason of gaining weight is your unhealthy and fatty diet. And don't be depressed because depression also cause increase in weight.

What is 'fatty acid'?

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