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3 years ago today!

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Hi everyone, 3 years ago today I was banded, today I am flying home from Las Vegas to Bellingham Washington.

I have just completed 5 weeks of intense training, and now I am a flight attendant for Allegiant Airlines!

3 years ago I never thought I would be thin enough plus I figured I was to old.

Well here I am 50 years old, size 6 uniform 140 lbs. and happy!

I don't think I could of done any of this without the band, the hardest part for me was remembering it is just a tool, and I still need to work out!

Hope to see you in the friendly skies.lindasgrad.jpg


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OMG Linda!!!! I haven't been on here FORVER but thought I'd come update my stats since they changed recently. This is GREAT news!!! I'm sure I wills ee you one of these days as I fly with (And LOVE LOVE LOVE) Allegiant all the time. I probably catch flights from Bellingham six- eight times per year. I have to admit I am a little jealous too as that is a job I have always thought would be right up my alley but don't think I could get on as a Canadian. WAY TO GO!!!


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