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This is the topic for those who are scheduling their surgery during the month of October. Posting in this topic gives you the chance to meet other patients that are going to be in TJ during this month. So lets hear from the soon to be Gastric Plication patients.

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I am new to this forum..I am waiting on my surgery date..tentative for October..I am still in the consultation phase with the physicians. I am very nervous, yet excited..I am anxious to see if anyone else is schedule for October and how are they feeling at this point in the process. Thanks

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Well I am just about 2 weeks away from my plication....getting more and more nervous..mostly to get to my 5% weight loss....I am nervous about the breathing tests too since I am asthmatic...I have so many 'what if's", wonder if anyone else went through the same thing...being in the medical field I can think of everyhting that can go wrong....ignorance sometimes is bliss...lol

Anyone have any words of wisdom???

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