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Requesting helpful hints

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The first initial surgery trip is a breeze because Dr. Ortiz has the entire trip planned and the transportation is organized for you. On the fill trips is when you have more to plan. You will be whisked one way and then the other. My suggestion... just buckle up and hang on for the ride, it goes quickly!

I had a HUGE Pepsi addiction. I quit 3 weeks before surgery cold turkey. At first, I felt like crap for a week (body needed the caffeine and sugar to sustain the addiction?), but then I felt MUCH better. Even better than before. I substituted the soda pop with juice, gatorade, fruit h2o waters, propel, anything non carbonated I could get my hands on. I also sucked on mints a lot, which made me not want to mess up my fresh mouth with any liquids at all but water.

It is almost 7 months post surgery and still have not had any soda pop. Now, I don't even miss it.


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My piece of advice is to stay a few extra days in California or TJ before you go home. (If you have time.) I live on the east coast and I knew that it would be a long, tiring, and (somewhat) uncomfortable flight back, so we stayed in San Diego for 4 extra days. And while I wasn't really in pain ( we went sight seeing and shopping the day after surgery), I did feel bloated and kinda uncomfortable for several days. (Walking helps this feeling go away.)

I was also a Dr.Pepper addict, and I was drinking them up until the day of surgery. I really don't miss them now, and whenever I get a craving, I remind myself that soda is bad, bad, bad for the band! (I have no willpower and this actually works for me so...)

Good luck! : )

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I'm brand new to this. I have been researching for 1 1/2 years. I have decided on the band. I go to my physical therapy, registerred dietician, and psychology consult on Monday, and get my blood drawn. My surgery consult will be 11/22. Surgery about two weeks later. I'm excited, but nervous. Does anyone else have pre band jitters? It's not nervousness about the surgery, but rather the committment. I have been so unsuccessful in the past. I want this though. Please, anybody know what I'm talking about? :huh::huh:

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oh yes, the committment thing, I am all over that. been divorces since 67.....

this is a new season of my life and I embrace it to the fullest. Oprah had a show on monday nov 31st, about reclaiming our lives. and this is so proactive.

I thanks all of your for your honesty. I can easily look the other way and I need the reality check I have found on this site. thanks :D

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heya! absolutely, let's keep in touch! i'm in florida, where are you? me and my mother both are getting banded by dr. ortiz on the same day. we are both very nervous. i've got that horrible feeling that what if this doesn't work for me. what about fills? are you going back to him for fills? you are welcome to email me at Babygirlsuki@aol.com

have you been dealing with natalie? she said that dr.ortiz only uses the 10cc band. that worries me a little, i keep thinking what happens if since it's the bigger band it takes more trips for fills before i even notice a diference. anybody out there have an opinion on that?

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